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Beautiful Lucknowi Chikankari by Aykez

The technique of creation of Lucknowi Chikankari Suit through chikan work is known as chikankari (चिकनकारी چکن کاری) is now on

Chikankari is an Art of Imagination, It is a handicraft process where the wooden blocks are hand chiselled in various design patterns, and the natural stew for printing is prepared, and printed on the cloth. The chikankari artisans then use ten ary of the needlecraft embroidery and perform the needlework artistically. There are 32 stitches of chikankari broadly classified into Raised stitch, Embossed and Flat stitch.

We Manufacture The Traditional Heritage of AWADH, ‘चिकनकारी چکن کاری‬ ChikanKari’, Based in Chowk, लखनऊ.

Our Skilled Artisans are Specialists Of Authentic Hand Chikan Embroidery Art On a Variety Of Fabrics Like *Cotton/Chanderi/Mulmul/Rayon/Muslin

We Sell All Varieties of Lucknowi Chikankari Suit/Kurta/Saree/Anarkali/Gowns/Lehenga
at a Reasonable Price Worldwide.

We Meet Bollywood Standards In Lehenga & Anarkali Dress.