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Driving Digital Transformation

“Over the next few years, another 500 million Indians will access the internet using their smartphones. This is creating tremendous opportunity for a new wave of EdTech innovations that can truly scale as well as monetize”- NAMITA DALMIA, Omidyar Network.

Education with Trancis

Education sector is witnessing great shifts in learning processes. Tools for enhancing learning experience as well as efficient management have become necessary. Trancis designs solutions for Students, Parents, Administrators, and the Teaching faculty. We facilitate personalized learning pathways, virtual teaching support, and smooth administrative workflows.

Services we Offer

Active learning and Student Engagement tools

Use of advance tools for students to make classes more participative and interactive. Mobile immersive applications for making learning fun through brain twisters, memory training, language learning, educational games, and embedded learning tools. These tools not only contribute to better learning outcomes but also promote critical and independent thinking in students.
Channel for student dialogue
Digital Library
Virtual Classroom
Digital Bookmarking method
Assignment Tracking System

Advanced Teaching Solutions

Teaching experience is enhanced and improved through advanced teaching solutions. Students can learn the fundamentals through game designs, solutions for a comprehensive assessment of student’s learning, determination of strengths and weaknesses. Whole curriculum can be digitised for systematic planning for syllabus completion and assignments.
Collaborative group Project Applications
Strategic Content Development
Systematised Evaluation Procedure
Design Personalized Learning Pathways
Digital Gradebook

Robust Mobile Infrastructure for Institutions

Digital Infrastructure is a key differentiator among institutions that has truly transformed the delivery of educational content. Mobile immersive services facilitate management processes in the institute for creating better student teacher experience and smoother functioning process.
Predictive Analytics
Campus Management System
E-diary for Connecting Parents and School
Homework Management and Review Tool
Fees collection Management Tool

Benefits of Digital service Architecture

Enhancing Research and Innovation Proficiencies
Enhancing operations efficiency
Automation of Learning, Assessment and Scheduling
Address Knowledge Gaps
Cloud based Video eLearning System form multiple platform
Portability and ease of use on a budget