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Driving Digital Transformation

“Healthcare in India is growing at a rapid pace, currently valued at US$ 100 billion, and expected to touch US$ 280 billion by 2020. Digital intervention in healthcare is expected to drive the industry at a CAGR of 23% by 2020. Amongst industry areas Pharmaceuticals lead the way to embrace Digitalisation.”
-Indian Healthcare Report 2017

Healthcare with Trancis

At Trancis, we understand the key industry drivers that impact the healthcare outcomes. We have aligned our services along with evolving compliance needs in combination with cost optimisation. We enable healthcare organisations to utilise the power of technology to help doctors make better decisions, automate healthcare processes.

Smart Healthcare Solutions


Patient care is of prime importance and can not be comprised with. mHealth applications must comply with safety and operational regulations.


Healthcare is a service where quick delivery of service is of utmost importance. A set of user friendly, comprehensive services aligned with user demand, should be integrated. For example Separate emergency services section.


Real Time Communication support between Patient-Doctor as well as with separate third party like pathology patient with secure and seamless connectivity.


A patient’s data is highly confidential in nature. It should be secure and not accessible to anyone without his knowledge and permission. The security settings are our top priority for protection of your customers.

Empowering Healthcare with Technology

Health and fitness apps provide assistance and immediate support that may not be available to users, resulting in their increased popularity. According to Pwc survey, India ranks among the top 5 for mhealth related searches.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers keep an updated record of the primary fitness parameters. It may include features like Chronic Disease Management and Symptoms checking features. These applications provide subscription services.

Remote Access Applications

These applications provide users chat box and video call features, to explain their symptoms to the doctor. In addition it may also have E-Prescription development, Medication reminder features.

Hospital Management Applications

These applications help in efficient organisation of vast data that hospitals have to deal with on an everyday basis. Patient and Doctors Record Maintenance, Appointment Scheduling, Test Result records storage and transfer related services are provided to achieve Zero error rates.

Childcare Applications

These applications offer Child care during pregnancy, before pregnancy and post pregnancy. They help new parents in intelligent decision support. They include features like health status monitoring, Counselling and Disease Management.

Petcare Applications

These applications manage and provide Pet related information and also to track Pet’s location for easy searching. It provides features such as Reminders, Allergy details, Medication detail, Healthcare information and Vet information.

Wellness Aplications

Healthy living is a top priority for people which has led to wide popularity of Healthy living Applications. It includes Yoga and Exercise applications, Diet and Nutrition Applications and Women Healthcare applications.