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Rapid, responsive, adaptable PHP web development

There are many benefits attracts people towards PHP. Some of the most important reasons to use PHP in web development services are


PHP, as an open source programming language, is available for free to everyone and runs on every machine from a $2000 iMac Pro or $200 Linux Box


Websites built in PHP are high on performance, scalable when writing code and reliable when your dynamic website has too many pages.


As many people use PHP, you will find solution as soon as you run into a problem thanks to a large community that backs it.


Unlike conventional languages, PHP is independent of the platform and has native support for all major desktop and embedded OSes.
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We have PHP expertise in developing web app of any sort or type

Custom web applications give greater flexibility to developers to add features according to the clients’ requirement resulting in leaner applications.

Custom PHP development

Our PHP development revolves around your requirements, available tools, and budget. Custom development means you have greater control over the code and sort of features you can introduce to a website

PHP based CMS development

As an expert of PHP, writing code in this language for than 5 years now, you can expect us to develop a robust CMS solution using PHP in the shortest time. We love WordPress and would love to create a custom CMS for you.

E-commerce development

Trust us with e-commerce development for feature-rich and high performance online storefronts. When it comes to marketplaces, you can expect fastest load times, smooth scrolling and better memory management.

PHP/MySQL development

MySQL and PHP go hand-in-hand. If you’re with an established PHP CMS, MySQL comes without saying. Even when you’re working on a customer CMS used in your enterprise, built on core PHP, integrating MySQL shouldn’t be a problem.

Portal development solutions

Whether you need a business portal to deploy inside an enterprise or a web portal to deploy in a wide area network, we may have the apt solution for you. Sooner or later, you will need a portal that is friendly and workable.

Corporate website development

Corporate websites require high level of security, adherence to business rules, isolation and parallel execution of business applications. Our corporate websites built upon PHP ensure robust and secure business websites.

5 steps to hire our PHP developer

Below are the simple steps that we follow to hire our dedicated PHP developer who are expert in delivering dynamic, customized, and scalable solutions.

Post Your Requirement


Discuss Project Feasibility


Deploy Resource


Choose Engagement Model


Sign-Off and Started

Why hire a PHP development company like Trancis?

However, no matter how good or bad a programming language is, the value the resulting application is going to deliver will depend upon the experience and expertise of team that developed it.


Our PHP based websites can handle traffic from 50 per day to 50m per day


We develop websites that look great on every browser, device, or resolution


Everybody is in hurry these days. Thus, we insist on rapid PHP development


Security breaches are everyday phenomena. We follow the best security practices.

Technology that goes into web development

We have an inventory of all the cutting-edge tools and technologies with us. All our PHP programmers and developers are well experienced to utilize them.

Looking for skilled & experienced PHP developers?

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“My experience with Trancis was always friendly and so professional. I was very happy with the services they provided to my business and receive a enormous amount of positive feedback.”

Udit Garg

“Anytime I worked with these guys the design work they created was great and the customer service was beyond amazing! They are also extremely responsive which was nice when many designs were time sensitive. I would highly recommended using their team of Trancis. ”

Zia Hindustani

“We came to Trancis with an idea and they made it a reality. I’m happy to say that we are thrilled with the results. Not only have they created a website that we can be truly proud of, but one that exceeds our original expectations. The team have been a real pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them as the project grows.”

Jocelyn Herrero

Trancis Team is just a brilliant, They take time to understand your exact requirement and based on that they execute the design. They truly care about customer satisfaction and they keep making the changes until the customers get 100% satisfied. I am Highly impressed with the way these people work.”

Andesh Bhatti

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.
Which is the best framework for PHP development?
PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is an open-source server-side scripting language, which is an extremely popular programming language. As it is one of the best server-side scripting languages, here is the list of top frameworks which you can opt for: Laravel Symfony CodeIgniter CakePHP Yii
What's the future of PHP? Will it remain relevant?
PHP is one of the top server-side scripting languages, that’s in use for quite some time, which doesn’t mean that it’s not relevant in the future. According to the survey, almost 75% of the websites use PHP, so we can say that PHP has a bright future.
How good is PHP programming language from a security point of view?
PHP offers an exceptionally strong authentication system as a backend programming language. May be PHP is not the most secure programming language but it offers an ample number of security features to make an application secure.
How to hire a cost-effective PHP website developer?
If you are planning to hire a PHP developer and have a budget constraint, it’s better to choose a mid-range Indian PHP development company. We are the leading PHP development company with over a decade of experience.
What type of software applications can be created with PHP?
PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language, which is designed for developing dynamic web pages. We can build Web-based applications, eCommerce applications, GUI based applications, Web portals, CRMs and many more.
Why hire dedicated PHP developers?
If you want to deliver your project swiftly at a low investment, it’s wise to opt for a dedicated PHP developer who works solely on your project and delivers your projects faster.