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What is Industry 4.0?
Industry 4.0 is the next industrial revolution which represents the connectivity between the industrial equipment and constant data flow to access and analyze the centralized information.
What is the difference between Industry 4.0 and lean manufacturing?
Industry 4.0 is a subset of lean manufacturing approach, but by the end client would use a connected asset approach in certain areas of plant production. Lean manufacturing is a term that suggests an ongoing process of using models to identify wasteful practices, reduce costs, and increase overall quality specific to the manufacturing area of the site.
How does Industry 4.0 work?
Industry 4.0 is made up of advanced technologies, so the technologies are flexible, intelligent and fully autonomous. Automation isn’t new for the manufacturing industry, but what point it begins to transform the way factories operate, as automation was introduced into factories as it's made cheaper and faster to produce a wide variety of products and about to climb exponentially.
What is the difference between Industry 4.0 and 3.0?
The main difference between factories of the past, even the automated one and the most technologically advanced factories of today is the concept of connectivity.
Does Industry 4.0 help my business? How?
Industry 4.0 solutions helps to improve the efficiency, quality, and utilization of the factory operations. By this we can nearly reduce 50% operational costs and 42% of improved product quality. So we can blindly go with Industry 4.0 which helps manufacturers make more in less time with fewer resources.
Why should I implement Industry 4.0 solutions?
Manufacturing industry has always focused on building out lean processes, whereas consumers want things faster, cheaper and expect better quality than ever before. So it's better to use Industry 4.0 than lean manufacturing for faster production.