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Driving Digital Transformation

Technologies provide pharmaceuticals executives a means to improve efficiency, uncover new business opportunities, and build better relationships with patients and prescribers.

Pharmaceuticals with Trancis

Given the data-intensive nature of genetics and pharmaceutical development, the pharmaceutical industry has a unique opportunity for digital transformation. We at Trancis design digital solutions for Pharma industry to deliver more personalized patient care, better engagement with physicians and patients, develop data driven superior insights and decision making, and transform business processes to provide real-time responsiveness.

Empowering Pharma with Technology

Stabilize, Streamline and Secure

We design modernized Tech platforms, that are secure and aimed at improving the safety and efficacy of prescription drugs and the consumer experience. It can provide insights and analysis to concisely track operations, customer insights and workflow in a very clear form.

Enhance and innovate

Our solutions drive innovation by embracing the Internet of Things, wearables, mobile technologies and integrate the power of big data. Rapid and Smooth flow of information can make organizations simple with less hierarchy. This will result in personalised medicine and efficient care.

Integrating Future-forward technology

Our solutions offer a combination of retained and outsourced technology to get the most from the latest disruptive technologies. In Pharma sector, future leaders will not be defined by the competitors that are successful today but by those that are quickest to adapt.

Benefits of embracing Technology for Pharma

Improving Patient care: Develop better customer relations
Enhanced Drug development and Delivery: Our solutions help in drastically lowering cost and reducing the risks consequently helping combat high cost of introducing a new drug to market.
Enhanced Sales and Marketing: operation optimisation and quicker processing in addition to user friendly platforms for customers and feedback enable increase in sales and marketing.