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PoliticalConsulting Ensuring a political campaign’s success depends majorly on the way a brand is packaged and marketed.

Result Oriented-Feedback Based-Adaptive Marketing

Bringing together years of specific industry experience, team Trancis has painstakingly developed and carefully formulated, the ROFBAM technique. It leaves nothing to chance. Marketing at its very best, ROFBAM stands on a solid foundation of research. Characterized by features like personal brand building, ground level legwork, large data collection, competitive analysis, outlining strategies, campaign designing, contingency plan and crisis management, ROFBAM covers all crucial areas required to grab eyeballs and connect with masses.

Branding and Designing

Ensuring a political campaign’s success depends majorly on the way a brand is packaged and marketed. Long-term planning is the initial key leading to positive reinforcement and progression. When the writings on the wall and happens to be a task of great proportions, breaking it down to smaller goals makes sense. Branding and designing done via the ROFBAM way calls for great attention to detail. Warranting several mini gains made over a period of time, this special technique makes steady headway towards the ultimate goal. In this case, smaller, readily achievable goals include ensuring positive personal branding, ground level research of the area being targeted, competitive and pattern analysis, analyzing data and outlining strategy, war room creation and team building, creation of mathematical equation and probability for winning, implementation of three-phase plan, analyzing and evaluating the equation at each step, ground level campaign designing & management, contingency plans and crisis management.

Strategic planning and Consulting

Planning a strategy and how to execute the plan

A political campaign reaching the altar of successive is an outcome of collective effort, and definitely not a one person or a one-day thing. Putting in the ROFBAM technique to use, the professionals at Trancis Consulting brainstorm days on end vis-à- vis formulating a process for a particular client/campaign. This entails putting together a detailed ground-level research, analysis of the data collected and concluding it with a sound marketing strategy. We take into consideration every little detail when it comes to offering strategic planning and consulting for political use. This includes analysis of electorate, voters, etc., classification of voters, campaign strategy, creation of a strong campaign message, press ads & television commercial creation, making of logos, slogans, jingles, etc., and candidate’s speech writing & positive image propulsion.

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