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About the

About the project

While designing a portal or workplace for employees, we have to take care of very small things. The portal should be interactive so that employees can enjoy by using the portal. The motive of the portal is just to increase the employees engagement and involvement in the assigned work and to help them to learn new skills.


Goals & objectives

Manager can add the work related goal of an employee
Employee can also add goal for himself/herself
Employe can search for a mentor and can also connect with him/her for learning new skills
Employee can add healthy habits and can also recommend to their peers.
Also this will also help at the time of appraisal

Interactive features

User profile-login as an employee
The employee can logged in by using the link sent by the admin. The email id will be auto populated and the password will be generated by the user. User will fill all the details like name,industry,salary,manager email id etc.User can see all the results on the dashboard.
This section will be general post section in which the user can post any issue,joy of happiness and kind general information which will be visible to any user. This post will not abandoned as the industry wise or any other restriction.This post will visible to everyone in the firm. Now this post will allow to post their place selection,their mood or some other things as we do in facebook while creating the post. Although this post will not allow the other user to perform any action points like comment or like. - You can validate the posts in the comments section.
This module is basically designed to track the work speed, monitoring the user task performing dedication . In this the user can see his task which will be assigned by the user mentee mention the task name, it’s submodule, time for each sub-module, task deadline and one comment section. And a goal timeline which shows when what update was entered along with the time.
This platform will also allow the user to enhance their skill set with the help of the guidance of the other members of the firm in the form of mentee for the skill they want to learn. So,there will be certain filtering done by the database while giving the right search results for the user. Hence the user will be required to go through certain filling/selecting the requirement the gender,skill,industry, location, these will be the priority selection for filtration whereas if he wants more customization he can filter further like interests, skills, work experience ...etc.
Health &b Wellness
This module is user specific where user is supposed to enter the specific user health health goal.Once user enter the same he will some certain goals and these goals will have certain deadlines which the user needs to complete. Suppose the user enters the he wants to drink 8L water in a week and one day he need to drink 8 glasses of water. So the module will be set in that accordance. Whereas, once a particular goal has been achieved certain UI will be change just to appreciate the user.