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About the project

Trancis is privileged to develop an application that provides extensive food services to all its customers in few cities of Gurgaon. No matter where you are: home, office, gym, or anywhere else simply place a food order from your app and your hunger will be satisfied. It’s easy and fast.
The app has many advance features, like a user can order for once or can subscribe for a weekly/monthly subscription plan. Similarly, the user can pause or cancel the meal.



Our developers faced numerous challenges while building this app and website. First challenge was to collect and display all the analytics related to orders. Second issue was to manage background processes where the client wanted to make the last decision on the unattended orders. Last challenge was to come up with a customized library for the chart of upcoming orders.


Our proficient developers solved all the challenges one by one. They used mySql Database and APIs(using node.js and express.js) to resolve the issue of the background order status. Moreover, they built custom library which helped them to create a chart that would mention all the upcoming orders which are scheduled later. They used crone job which automatically sends the mail to the user when his/her subscription about to end.

User’s app

The user can order items either from the partnered stores (stores added by the admin).User receives a notification after the confirmation of the order.
This platform will also allow the user to enhance their skill set with the help of the guidance of the other members of the firm in the form of mentee for the skill they want to learn. So,there will be certain filtering done by the database while giving the right search results for the user. Hence the user will be required to go through certain filling/selecting the requirement the gender,skill,industry, location, these will be the priority selection for filtration whereas if he wants more customization he can filter further like interests, skills, work experience ...etc.
Health & Wellness
This module is user specific where user is supposed to enter the specific user health health goal.Once user enter the same he will some certain goals and these goals will have certain deadlines which the user needs to complete. Suppose the user enters the he wants to drink 8L water in a week and one day he need to drink 8 glasses of water. So the module will be set in that accordance. Whereas, once a particular goal has been achieved certain UI will be change just to appreciate the user.