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What is product engineering?
Product engineering is a process of developing an idea into a commercially viable product for the market. To make a product come to the market we need to follow the process ranging from product conceptualization to designing, developing, testing, deploying, and re-engineering. It can come across different aspects of mechanical, hardware, embedded and software components if product design.
What are the various stages of product engineering?
A typical Product Engineering stages involve Ideation Feasibility Study / Product Planning Design, Development, and QA Prototyping Manufacturing / Production Sustenance
What is Engineering Services Outsourcing(ESO)?
Engineering Services Outsourcing(ESO), refers to the outsourcing of particular Product Engineering activities like product design, prototyping, processes, testing, quality control, product lifecycle management, etc. It can be done with some specialized product engineering service providers to avail the advantage of the expertise, cost arbitrage, faster time-to-market and enhanced value engineering, etc.
What is Design Thinking in product engineering?
Design Thinking is a newer approach to problem-solving. It’s a strategic design methodology which provides a user-centric and solution-based approach to solve the complex problems. It allows the technology and business models to solve the customer problems or to find better solutions by using the existing approach by taking the customer as the main priority at the entire product development journey. There’s a huge demand for better user experience from customers, product companies are compelled to continuously experiment and innovate in this competitive world, in this scenario the concept of design thinking comes.
What is product design?
Product Design is the process of identifying a product opportunity in the market by clearly knowing the current challenges and coming up with a precise solution and validating the solution from the audience. Product designers work with developers and marketers to develop the core design that includes the technological and mechanical aspects of the product by knowing the usability of the product.
Why do we need to apply design thinking in product engineering?
1. Its main aim is to find the solution to the problem by making the end-users as its priority. This approach mainly focuses more on the real needs of the user, rather than problems of the product teams. 2. It mainly focuses on adding value and solving actual problems through an agile process, in a creative and innovative approach. It has the idea of design, test, and redo as a core process, which yields results that are powerful and interesting.