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Driving Digital Transformation

“Eighty-two percent of travel bookings in U.S.A. in 2018 were completed via a website or mobile app, without human interaction.”
-Trekk Soft Travel Trend Report 2018

Travel and Hospitality with Trancis

Trancis has provided technology solutions to clients across wide ranging domain such as air transport, hotel and lodging, resorts and vacations, car and truck rental, travel management, and recreation and leisure. Our solutions have helped travel brands to integrate the future-forward technologies to engage their customers, and create a distinguished and personalised customer experience.

Empowering Travel and Hospitality with Technology

E-Commerce Solutions

Immersive shopping experiences and easy payment options to create memorable travel experience for your customers.

Social Media Presence

Social Media platforms are the best means to reach out to maximum potential clients and shape customer purchasing decisions. It also allows a unique ability to collaborate to build more personal and immersive experiences that enhance loyalty at reduced cost.

Customer Support Solutions

Speed of response is vital in the travel market, where dramatic fluctuations can quickly change customer value. Our digital solutions provide quick customer redressal and efficient grievance handling.

Online Booking Solutions

Booking hotels, tickets, cabs online is the latest trend. It allows clients planning and booking anything in advance from cheap solo travel excursions to hefty family holiday packages to last minute deals too.

Digital Foundation

Immensely scalable high end website and application development to make you 24*7 accessible to your clients. Designing maximum touch points for personalised customer experience by providing dynamically packaged services.

Vacation Package System

A unified platform for different services to design a customised vacation package as per customer requirement.

Services that we provide.

E-commerce solutions

Social media presence

Customer support solutions

Application development of online booking and reservations

Immensely scalable high end website and application development.