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Driving Digital Transformation

Digital business models could overturn the dominant position traditional leaders have long held. The key to expansion will be to develop new capabilities that customers that make user access easy- either via easy-to-use platforms and online sales capabilities, or by leveraging match-making capabilities to provide completely digital services.

Transport and Logistics with Trancis

Digital capabilities are critical to meeting the challenge of digital disruption successfully. In order to achieve that we ensure that our digital solutions incorporate three key actions- develop new business models and offerings, digitalize core operations, and build a robust internal digital foundation.

Empowering Transport and Logistics with Technology

Digital Sales

Actively engage and leverage existing freight online platforms with differentiated service offerings to get access to new clients and spot market.

Customer Specific Platforms

These are one-stop-shop platform for all customer information and interaction- shipping information, ordering, tracking and billing.

Match Makers

Establish and grow an online freight platform through own knowledge and global expertise allowing a many-to-many buyer-seller relationship.

Smart Capacity Optimization

Make own assets smart (container, ships, trucks, aircraft, trains, etc.) to enable IoT services for the logistics ecosystems as additional service offering.

Enabling Innovations

New Digital Platforms

Building robust new platforms will help remove supply chain inefficiencies, solve problems associated with asset underutilization, improve demand-supply matching, and increase visibility and connectivity across systems.

Advanced Analytics

Putting powerful data-driven solutions to work can create new analytics tools that, in turn, can be sold to clients to help them optimize their own operations and efficiencies.

Customer Experience

Putting in place a digital front end not only provides customers with a convenient one-stop shop experience, it also improves internal operational visibility and automates previously manual processes.

Process Automation

Increasing the automation of core internal business processes can help ease labor-intensive logistics operations, like digitizing procurement with e-auctions.