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Our business methodology is based on ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes while using our services. Thus our clients are our best advertisers. We have a proven track record of being the thought leaders of the industry.

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Our engagement models are designed with keen detailing to reflect high quality, shorter delivery cycle, value for money, and expert level understanding of the client’s business.
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Healthcare with Trancis

Healthcare in India is growing at a rapid pace, currently valued at US$ 100 billion, and expected to touch US$ 280 billion by 2020. Digital intervention in healthcare is expected to drive the industry at a CAGR of 23% by 2020. Amongst industry areas Pharmaceuticals lead the way to embrace Digitalisation.”
-Indian Healthcare Report 2017.

At Trancis, we understand the key industry drivers that impact the healthcare outcomes. We have aligned our services along with evolving compliance needs in combination with cost optimisation. We enable healthcare organisations to utilise the power of technology to help doctors make better decisions, automate healthcare processes.

Transport and Logistics with Trancis

Digital business models could overturn the dominant position traditional leaders have long held. The key to expansion will be to develop new capabilities that customers that make user access easy- either via easy-to-use platforms and online sales capabilities, or by leveraging match-making capabilities to provide completely digital services.

Digital capabilities are critical to meeting the challenge of digital disruption successfully. In order to achieve that we ensure that our digital solutions incorporate three key actions- develop new business models and offerings, digitalize core operations, and build a robust internal digital foundation.

Oil & Gas with Trancis

Our softwares for Oil & Gas and Mining industry enables the organizations to overcome the key industry challenges of process complexity, safety and regulatory compliances. We add great value to our clients in planning and forecasting with more integrated processes for downstream as well as management level operations. Leveraging our web and mobile technologies, oil and gas companies can enhance their business landscapes and integrate new IT systems. Our custom-built oil and gas software applications span over multiple technologies including cloud as well as mobile. Major mining companies have benefited with increased efficiency by utilizing our mining software services for automation and managing dynamic workforce.

Type of retails that we provide solution for

From understanding shoppers to providing a unified expertise across channels, retail giants trust US to figure higher and work otherwise whether or not it’s fulfilling shopper’s expectations or revamping the availability chain.

While retail as AN trade is large and comprised of endless range of sectors. These ar a number of the segments we've provided answer to successfully.

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Education with Trancis

Education sector is witnessing great shifts in learning processes. Tools for enhancing learning experience as well as efficient management have become necessary. Trancis designs solutions for Students, Parents, Administrators, and the Teaching faculty. We facilitate personalized learning pathways, virtual teaching support, and smooth administrative workflows.

Travel and Hospitality with Trancis

Trancis has provided technology solutions to clients across wide ranging domain such as air transport, hotel and lodging, resorts and vacations, car and truck rental, travel management, and recreation and leisure. Our solutions have helped travel brands to integrate the future-forward technologies to engage their customers, and create a distinguished and personalised customer experience.

A perfect wellness application is an exercise center coach, dietician, calorie counter, and that's just the beginning.

The wellness and health industry has a great deal to embrace from the ascent of mobility solutions. An application to keep you fit sounds like a smart thought. The vast majority convey their cell phones any place they go.

Finance application increase the value of money related associations and satisfy their clients

For money related organizations, marked versatile applications have gone from an extravagance to a client desire. To remain important in the market, you have to progress toward becoming client driven. Fund application advancement is the route toward that path. Defeat and beat the challenge before they endeavor to.
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Healthcare with Trancis

The size of the tourism industry has been growing over the years and the way customers plan their travel has changed. They seek high quality, informative and attractive digital experience which offers competitive pricing and makes their travel booking experience hassle free. Our travel software solutions use the latest APIs and analytics, keep human intervention at minimum and thus increase the operational efficiency and sales closure.

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We have had years of trusted relationship with Young Ventures as well as International Conglomerates. Our impeccable record of service delivery and wide clientele narrates the saga of our success.

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What is Digital Advertising?
Digital Advertising, additionally called Internet publicizing ("Internet marketing") is when organizations influence Internet innovations to convey their services in limited time commercials to customers
Difference Between Advertisement & promotion?
The following are the major differences between Advertisement and Promotion:
  1. Advertisement is an impersonal special tool that is utilized to draw public attention towards a product or service, through a valuable and paid media. Promotion refers to the arrangement of activities that communicate the benefits of an item, service or brand to convince target clients to get it.
  2. Advertisement is done to construct brand picture and increment deals, while Promotion is utilized to push short-term deals.
  3. Advertisement is one of the components of Promotion while the promotion is the variable of the promoting blend.
  4. Advertisement has a long haul impact and yet Promotion has transient impacts.
  5. Advertisement is a costly device. Not at all like Promotion which is a prudent tool.
  6. Advertisement is reasonable for medium and huge undertakings whereas Promotion is for a wide range of endeavors regardless of its size.
Web development is necessary for startup/ my company?
If you ever thought about creating a web development business, this is the right time. Many businesses are recognizing that customers are becoming internet savvy and they are using the internet to shop, make reservations, and other things. So we need to include web development in a startup, as many businesses need a good website that helps to leverage their business.
What is the cost for a customized website designing?
The average cost for designing a website ranges from $1000 to $100,000. Several factors may impact the price of the web design, which includes website style, functionality, features, and size of the website. If you’re a small business owner or a startup, basic web design offers a cost-effective option with all the functionality a basic website needs. It provides your company with a credible, user-friendly site that can start driving business to the website.
How much does a custom mobile app cost?
The mobile revolution has ushered in an exciting era for business.Building custom mobile apps is now the new money move for businesses.The primary factors influencing development costs include Business Model.
What is user experience design?
In business, user experience (UX) is an individual's feelings and frames of mind about utilizing a specific item, framework or administration. It incorporates the useful, experiential, full of feeling, important and significant parts of human–PC connection and item possession.

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